Learn all the parts you will need to effectively generate leads online.

We cover subjects such as: SEO, Paid Advertising, Website Design, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and overall Lead Generation Strategy. This is the complete overview so you can know what you should be doing and getting from your online marketing.

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Rafferty Pendery is an Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert and Business Coach. He helps business owners build organizations and implements systems and process into their organizations to be able to scale effectively.

He delivered hundreds of seminars all over the world and is now providing the training in an online format for every to have access to.

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How to generate leads and business using the internet.


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This course includes 27 videos that walk you through all the different parts of online lead generation. This is done in a way that you know what to expect and how to correctly track your results. This was developed from more than 25,000 hours of working in the industry.

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Clear Understanding

You will get an understanding of what each parts of online lead generation are and what it is used for. This includes an overview of SEO, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing and Social Media.

Correct Actions

In this course you will get an overview of each part of digital marketing . You will gain a firm understanding of what digital marketing actions will get you results.

Accurate Reporting

Tracking the results of your online marketing efforts is extremely important. In this course you will learn what you should be tracking and how.



"As a business owner and the marketing executive at our construction company, I am fairly well versed in the day-to-day needs of this industry when it comes to branding, promoting, etc. However, there was some key information I was missing that Rafferty provided, in layman's terms, that literally opened the floodgates and have completely changed the way we run certain aspects of our business. Now we can't slow the leads down! Our sales hit highest ever two weeks ago, and I know this is a result of the help, guidance and inspiration that Rafferty gave us."

D.N. - Construction Co Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts now and you will have access to do it at your own pace. Feel free take your time and come back and access it later.

We have put together 27 videos that walk you through a complete overview of lead generation, how it works, it’s parts, what actions you should be doing and what results you should be getting.

This course is not a super deep dive for someone that wants to be a specialist in one part of online marketing. This course is an overview of all the parts of lead generation and online marketing and gives you a clear picture of what you should be doing and what to expect. You will know more about online marketing than most online marketing companies.

You will get an instant link to login when you sign up and you will be able to start rolling on the course right away. As you finish each step you will see the Mark Completed step show up and you will be able to move onto the next step.

Due to the instant access and the downloadable material, there are no refunds available. We are confident this course will provide you with value and would never want you to be unhappy. If you don’t feel this course was helpful for you, please reach out to me at [email protected] so that we can find a solution!


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